We’ve had some fun as Pub2Pub for the last 27 years. But we’re now ready for a whole new chapter. One that celebrates and features the awesome beauty of our Northern Beaches.

Sunday, 23 August 2020
Dee Why Beach to Newport Beach

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Helpful Training Tips

“Not being a full-time professional athlete these days, I am mindful of the fact that us “normal people” seem to juggle work/family & play as best we can. For me these days it’s all about making the most of the spare time I have to exercise & knowing I am getting the absolute most benefit from the minutes I put into it. Believing in what you are doing when you train & having absolute strength of mind in the program puts you in a powerful position when you compete or just have a go.

Below are a few training program videos and tip sheets, whatever your level, to help you get through the upcoming race.”

Good Luck!

Guy Leech

Video 1 – Running Technique

Video 2 – Safe Training

Video 3 – Setting a Progressive Training Program

Video 4 – Tapering before the Race

Video 5 – Planning for Race Day


More helpful tip-sheets from Guy: