Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival
Sunday, 25 August 2019
Dee Why Beach to Newport Beach

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How to prevent common running injuries – June 5, 2019

Most running injuries (between 50-75%) can be attributed to overuse, due to the repetitive movements involved in running. Our Partner BeachLife Physiotherapy provides strategies you can use to prevent injury while training for the Pub2Pub. Injury Prevention Tips for Runners from BeachLife Physiotherapy Warm up: A warm up helps to reduce the risk of injury as your body is ready to perform. Start with 5-10 minutes of an easy whole body movement to increase blood flow into your muscles… this could be walking or a slow jog. Complete dynamic stretches… these are moving stretches such as knee drives, hamstring swings, lunges, butt kicks, calf raises. Do not bounce at the end of your dynamic stretches… they should be slow andRead more…

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Beaver’s Tips for more ‘mature runners’ – June 5, 2019

Six years ago Steve Menzies was still an elite athlete, playing his last season of professional footy for Catalans Dragons in the English Super League. That year he turned 40. Since retirement, Steve has tried to stay fit and healthy and he’s looking forward to running the 6km event in this year’s Pub2Pub. Here are a few tips from The Beaver for those of you in his age group and beyond. Start slow. Build into your fitness. Even start with going for a walk for a week or two then build into a jog as your muscles get used to the work load Stretch. If you haven’t trained for a while, you’re going to get sore. Some simple stretching, evenRead more…

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How Do I Start Running? – May 9, 2019

The summer heat is gone, running seems like a good idea. Even better, why not consider entering a fun run? But how do you start running? Below are some tips that I used when I first started to run. Health Check If you have never run before, you should spend some time walking or doing some other form of exercise first before hooking into a run program. A good guide would be comfortably handling 30 minutes of exercise per day, four or five days per week. Pick an event A big motivator to continue your running is the challenge of a looming event. If you decide to do an event give yourself plenty of time, at least 8 to 12Read more…

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What’s new for Pub2Pub 2019 – March 19, 2019

Super Early Bird Offer with FREE Postage Registrations for the 2019 Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival is officially open! Take advantage of our Super Early Bird discounts and receive your Race Bib delivered for FREE. Hurry offer ends Sunday, 28 April. REGISTER NOW New Loyalty Badges for regular runners For the first time in Pub2Pub history, you can have your race bib custom-printed to acknowledge your ongoing involvement with the Pub2Pub – different badges for participating for 2 years, 5 years and 10 years or more. When you register, just let us know exactly how many times you’ve participated in the Pub2Pub, including this year’s event and we’ll organize your special Race Bib. 25% Cashback for Schools and largeRead more…

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A HUGE APOLOGY… – August 27, 2018

…to all those who missed out on 2018 Pub2Pub commemorative medals yesterday 🏅🥉. And sorry too for our late reply to your posts. We’ve only just discovered that a box of 500 medallions was missed by the courier and therefore not delivered. Human error.  The medals will be available for collection from TOMORROW at: Rotary Club of Brookvale C/- Jacksons Awards (Phil Jackson – contact) 18 Sydenham Road, Brookvale NSW 2100 Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm Phone: 9938 2140 Hope you understand that we’re not able to mail the medals out without significantly reducing the money raised by Pub2Pub, which goes directly to charity. If you live too far and are unable to pick-up your medals, please e-mail more…

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Pub2Pub Course Closure Times – August 23, 2018

The Pub2Pub Course will be progressively closed at the following times after which marshals will no longer be on duty to assist participants. Participants should take care at all times to observe all road safety protocols. 9.15am Long Reef to Ocean St Fire station South Narrabeen 9.45am Ocean St to Narrabeen Lagoon Bridge 10.15am Narrabeen Bridge to Mona Vale Golf Course 10.30am Mona Vale to Beaconsfield St Newport 11.00am Beaconsfield St to Finish at Newport Beach

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The Newport vs The Collaroy – August 22, 2018

Event sponsor Merivale Group best represents both the Fun and the Competition of the Pub2Pub, with rival Teams from The Newport and The Collaroy vying for more than just a title. Currently The Newport has 19 team members and The Collaroy 13… but these guys are not just competing on Team Size… results in the big race are what counts. All 32 Merivale staff members are running in the 13km event starting at Dee Why. The winning team will be the one with the best average time… and the losing team will host the winners for a dining experience at their venue (and at their cost!). But wait, there’s more… The Newport Team has stolen their mates’ Team Mascot -Read more…

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Top 5 Tips for a Great Race – August 20, 2018

Whether you are a gun going for the win; or a first timer who is doing a fun run for the first time. We have 5 tips that will help give you the best race experience possible. Hydrate My number 1 tip to EVERYONE who competes in a fun-run. Make sure you are fully hydrated BEFORE you get to the start line… and no – that does NOT mean sucking down a two-litre bottle of water an hour before the event (or an extra stubble the night before). It means, a few days before the event drinking a steady amount of liquid which includes a mixture of electrolytes with water. This strategy should be continued through to the lead-up toRead more…

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8 Tips for Junior Runners – August 17, 2018

Charlie Arnott is just 13 years old but for two years running, she’s won the Open Division, Female category in the 3km Pub2Pub event from Mona Vale to Newport and is the current defending Champ. When asked what motivates her to run, Charlie’s mum Jen answers: “She just genuinely loves being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.” Apparently her love for running started during Cross Country events at school. Charlie and her friends used to just walk the course together, but one year Charlie decided she was going to run instead. Without any training in the lead up to the race, she won it and decided then and there that this was something she loved doing. For a 13 yearRead more…

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Stella Maris leads the race to retain ‘Top School’ Title – August 17, 2018

For many years now, the famous yellow shirts worn by Manly’s Stella Maris College team have been a friendly and familiar part of the Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival. And once again, the College is currently well out in front in the running to retain its title as ‘Top School’ in the annual URM Schools Charity Challenge. Each year, the Pub2Pub, organised by Rotary of Brookvale, embraces the entire community from top athletes to weekend warriors, sports clubs, emergency services, local businesses, whole families and our local schools. All come together to raise funds for some wonderful charities. And each year the Schools participate in a Challenge to field the biggest team. The Top 3 schools share cash prizesRead more…

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