Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival
Sunday, 26 August 2018
Dee Why Beach to Newport Beach

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8 Tips for Junior Runners – August 17, 2018

Charlie Arnott is just 13 years old but for two years running, she’s won the Open Division, Female category in the 3km Pub2Pub event from Mona Vale to Newport and is the current defending Champ. When asked what motivates her to run, Charlie’s mum Jen answers: “She just genuinely loves being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.” Apparently her love for running started during Cross Country events at school. Charlie and her friends used to just walk the course together, but one year Charlie decided she was going to run instead. Without any training in the lead up to the race, she won it and decided then and there that this was something she loved doing. For a 13 yearRead more…

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Stella Maris leads the race to retain ‘Top School’ Title – August 17, 2018

For many years now, the famous yellow shirts worn by Manly’s Stella Maris College team have been a friendly and familiar part of the Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival. And once again, the College is currently well out in front in the running to retain its title as ‘Top School’ in the annual URM Schools Charity Challenge. Each year, the Pub2Pub, organised by Rotary of Brookvale, embraces the entire community from top athletes to weekend warriors, sports clubs, emergency services, local businesses, whole families and our local schools. All come together to raise funds for some wonderful charities. And each year the Schools participate in a Challenge to field the biggest team. The Top 3 schools share cash prizesRead more…

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Mona Vale Vets are running the 2018 Pub2Pub for Assistance Dogs Australia – August 10, 2018

“Seeing first-hand the joy and happiness that this beautiful dog called ‘CeeJay’ brings to this young boy, convinced us that Assistance Dogs Australia is a cause worth supporting”, said Dr Jenny Wingham, one of three partners at Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital. A chance meeting with a family at the Pub2Pub Finish Festival led to Jenny’s comment. The family’s young boy has severe autism, but CeeJay the Assistance Dog has turned his life around. “The bond between boy and dog has honestly helped this youngster to ‘find his words’, says Jenny. “We’ve stayed in touch with the family ever since meeting them at the Pub2Pub.” The practice has a team of 14 including six Vets and a veterinary nursing and supportRead more…

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From 10 to 110… Sanfilippo’s ‘Big Feet & Little Feet’ Pub2Pub Team keeps growing – August 9, 2018

          The vision of the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation is to fund medical research so a cure can be found for Sanfilippo Syndrome – a rare genetic condition that causes fatal brain damage. It is referred to as a ‘childhood disease’, because most patients never reach adulthood. The aim is to find a cure in time for children battling Sanfilippo today… and for those born with it tomorrow. Three years ago, the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation had 10 runners participate in the Pub2Pub to raise funds for what was then a fledgling Foundation. This year the Foundation has already recruited a Team of 110 participants for their ‘Big Feet and Little Feet’ Team in the Pub2Pub, which formsRead more…

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Pre & Post-Workout Recipes – July 19, 2018

Having trouble overthinking what you should eat before and after your Pub2Pub workout sessions? Don’t worry. Health Space Nutritionist Fabiana Tâmega has put together some great pre and post-workout recipes to help you. Pre workout Berry & Cacao Smoothie Ingredients: –        ½ Avocado –       1 handful of berries –       200ml of unsweetened nut milk –       1 scoop of protein powder –       1 tbsp of cacao powder: Blend all ingredients. Peanut Butter & Banana Snack –       1 banana + cinnamon –       1 tbsp of nut butter (without added sweetener/sugar): Use a fork to mashup all the ingredients. Post Workout Smoothie –       ½ Beetroot (chopped) –       1 banana –       200ml of coconut water –       1 scoop of protein powder –       1 tbspRead more…

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How to Prevent Common Running Injuries – July 4, 2018

Most running injuries (between 50-75%) can be attributed to overuse, due to the repetitive movements involved in running. The most common conditions reported by runners are patellofemoral pain and plantar fasciitis. In this article, BeachLife Physiotherapy describes some of the common causes of pain in runners and provides strategies you can use to prevent them. Patellofemoral pain also known as “runners knee” is characterized by irritation and inflammation of the underside of the patella. The pain is usually felt when running, long periods of sitting and when walking downstairs or downhill. Patellofemoral pain in runners can be caused by incorrect tracking of the knee cap over the knee joint. This can be due to weakness in the quadriceps or theRead more…

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Physical or Chemical Sunscreen? – June 26, 2018

In order to maintain healthy looking skin, applying sunscreen as part of your daily routine should come as second nature. Not only does it act to prevent sun damage and premature skin ageing but, there are the more obvious reasons, like avoiding skin cancer, that should make sunscreen every Aussie’s best friend. And, because we inhibit the country that receives more UV radiation than our north-of-the-equator counterparts, we’d be silly not to be conscious of the products we put on our skin to help prevent said, burning and disease. Yet, if you’ve ever heard the term physical sunscreen, you’d be forgiven for misunderstanding the difference between that and the more commonly available chemical based options in market. So, to avoidRead more…

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Harry’s running the Pub2Pub for Bear Cottage – May 28, 2018

11 year old doing his bit to raise funds for charity in our biggest community event 11 year old Harry Turner, currently one of our top fundraisers, encapsulates the spirit of the iconic Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run & Festival. Last year he successfully walked the 6km course option from Warriewood to Newport… but this year he’s pledged to run that distance… in 40 minutes or less… to raise funds for a cause close to his heart. Harry is from St Luke’s Grammar School, Bayview Campus. At the beginning of every year, the school encourages each class to nominate a ‘favourite charity’ and conduct some fundraising events over the year – a great way to teach the importance of giving andRead more…

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How to find the perfect running shoe – May 24, 2018

What’s the perfect running shoe? There is no single perfect shoe, because it depends on you – your foot shape and how you run. So let’s narrow it down….. Arch Ensuring you get the best fit for your foot, is essential to the support being effective. If you have a very flat foot you need to choose a shoe that accommodates this – usually a straight lasted shoe. If you have a medium-high arch, a semi-curve shoe will hug through the midfoot to ensure a supportive fit. The range of width fittings we have available allows you to get the ideal fit for your foot shape. Support The amount of support you require will depend on how much your feetRead more…

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Get Road Runner ready – F45’s Top 7 Tips! – May 10, 2018

You’ve signed up for Pub2Pub and set your personal goal… now it’s time to fire up your motivation and get Road Runner ready, so you have a blast at this Fun Run & Festival. OUR TOP TIPS: Does the shoe fit? – Be honest, how old are your sneakers? Pop down to your local sports/footwear store and get a professional fit. Finding the right running shoe for you will be sure to help with comfort and performance. Get a plan Stan – Begin at the beginning and find a plan that works for you. Map out how many times a week you can commit to training and don’t start above your head. Be sure your plan is compatible with yourRead more…

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